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  • ¿Qué haces para divertirte?
    I enjoy spending time with close friends. Regardless of the activity it is always great spending time with loved ones.
  • ¿Qué “esfuerzo adicional” haces en tu vida?
    I tend to know exactly what I want and move anything standing in the way in order achieve my goal.
  • ¿Cuál dirías son tus mayores atributos?
    Empathy, Perseverance, and Loyalty
  • ¿Qué te distingue de todas las demás personas que conoces?
    I'm 6'3". Not that it's super tall, but I hear too often, "Omg you're so tall!"
  • ¿Con qué frecuencia viajas? ¿Prefieres viajar o eres una persona hogareña?
    I am a homebody because I am introverted. On the flip side, I do enjoy traveling as long as it is with someone I love spending time with!
  • ¿Qué tipo de dieta y rutina de ejercicios sigues?
    Recently I got back into the gym! Yay me! I'm excited to be taking the time for myself in order to maintain a healthy life.
  • Si nos sentamos en la playa, a beber y comer solo tú y yo, ¿qué me contarías de tu persona y tu vida?
    I can only imagine that I would delve into a deep conversation explaining why I love music. Composition and conducting specifically. Certain forms of classical music are at the center of who I am.
  • ¿Qué deben saber otros con absoluta certeza acerca de ti?
    I have never been good at "sugar coating" things, pretty blunt. Not that I mean it to be offensive, I just really enjoy clear communication. Yes, I do respect the feelings of others.
  • Nombra 5 cosas sin las que no puedes vivir.
    Coffee for sure, more specifically and iced latte.
    Music, the kind that speaks to my soul.
    Sexy Underwear, I mean that should be a given!
    Quality alone time, I am an introvert to be completely transparent.
    Friends who are closer than family!